International Circus : Our circus performance is very wonderful, exciting and funny. we have high-altitude stunts, large mechanical performances, magic show, beautiful dance and the funny clown. Performancers are from all over the world, Ukraine, Russia, China, South Korea, Malaysia, and so on. We can provide about 1000 seats to the audience, in our circus, you can not only enjoy the wonderful show, but also can eat many kinds of delicious food and drinks. We have many high power air conditions, no matter the weather is cold or hot, we will provide the most comfortable environment for you to enjoy the show. Our circus always performance in the same place about one month or two months. If you need our performance, we also can go to the place you want to, one show or all month. Look forward to cooperation with you~   Click here to get our wechat QR code.  facebook: TEL: 006-0108225988 /  006-0168865439  Mr.Bian

China Acrobatics : Our acrobatic performance is the best in China, most of actors from Shanghai. We have a lot of wonderful shows, such as: trapeze, skating acrobatics, Deathing flywheel, Spring bed acrobatics, Sichuan opera face changing, and so on. There are more than 100 acrobatic performancers in our company every year. According to your requirements ,we can provide some different show combinations for you, to achieve the best Performance effect. In addition, we also sell some Chinese folk arts and crafts, if you need, you can get it from the technologist on site. The most perfect service, best reputation, the most reasonable price.Click here to get our wechat QR code.  facebook: TEL: 006-0108225988 /  006-0168865439  Mr.Bian